Once Popular Barron Theme Reawakened in 2.0 Release

Arbor Web Development is pleased to annouce the Barron 2.0 release for Drupal 6. We have made a ton of bug fixes, and added some new features to the theme in preparation for a Barron Drupal 7 release sometime in the near future.

Fluid Baseline Grid 2.0 Theme Available!

A while back, we started hearing a lot of buzz about responsive Drupal themes and responsive grid layouts. At first we dove right in and found that there are a ton of different approaches to the concept, but none were as simple as we found with the Fluid Baseline Grid framework. We decided to release a Drupal 6 theme for Fluid Baseline Grid, which then led to a Drupal 7 release due to popular demand.

Alpine Theme 2.0 Available!

Our most popular Drupal theme, Alpine, has been hovering around the 1000 sites installed mark for a few months, but it hasn't quite broken the 1000 site threshold yet. It seems as though the 1.x branch as it was has reached it's peak. One of the additional features that we were looking to add to Alpine in the future were additional block regions.