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GPL v2

The Designer Relief Drupal theme is a port of a Wordpress theme by the same name. If you haven't noticed a pattern already, I port Wordpress themes to Drupal. I decided to continue on this path as there are many Wordpress themes available under the GPL V2+ licensing that requires all files to be licensed for a contributed project. Wordpress is known for a wide variety of themes, and I figured I would start bringing some of that variety to Drupal for a better selection of contributed themes. It seems I am not the only one to pick up on this and there are several other themers out there making their mark with Wordpress to Drupal theme migrations.

Designer Relief theme is another 2 column layout theme which is great for a blog. The theme is a very abstract theme in terms of it's graphics as normally you wouldn't see a website with wooden images, but I really like the look of wood on a website. I am actually going to be trying to focus a lot of wood textures and brining a more natural look to an otherwise inorganic and digitized world of the web graphics. Nature is in our name, and nature will be our game, especially trees and wooden textures.

If you have any suggestions for this theme or would like to get a custom Drupal theme designed like this one, please Contact Us!