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Released on:
GPL v2

The Drupal Wedding Bells theme is a port of a Wordpress theme by the same name. I originally chose to port this theme as there was not any good wedding themes available for Drupal and I had just finished a site for one of my clients. I decided to contribute the theme back to the community as it was GPL licensed. Wedding Bells was my first contributed project on Hopefully it allows other Drupal users to put up a quick and easy wedding site.

Wedding Bells theme is a 2 column theme with a footer region. I plan on adding more configurable regions in later versions. The idea is to continue to keep the simplicity of the original design, but allow for some extra content regions in Drupal. If you have any suggestions for this theme, or would like to talk about a custom Drupal theme for your website, Contact Me!

So far the response has been great. A veteran themer in the Drupal theming community has given my site a test run and likes it!

"Thanks for the Wedding Bells is easy to grok and modify, and got me off to an easy start on my wedding site, so cheers, and thanks so much for a very nice theme" - Jeff Burnz - Creator of the AdapativeTheme base theme and major theme contributor on