Arbor Web Development provides a handful of Drupal Maintenance services for your existing Drupal 5, Drupal 6, or Drupal 7 website. Our goal is to take the burden of constantly maintaining a Drupal website off of you and allow you to manage your content, and users more effectively. It's not very safe to just build a Drupal website and forget about it, as that can lead to security breaches, data loss, and loss of users or traffic to your site. With a properly scheduled Drupal Maintenance Plan, you can be sure that your Drupal website is safe and secure from all known threats. You may also find that annoying bugs have been fixed or new features have been added to modules you are already using too.

We can provide the following Drupal Maintenance services for your Drupal website:

  • Drupal Upgrades for Drupal core, modules, and themes for both version and security updates.
  • Apply Drupal Patch files on modules and themes.
  • Establish a better Drupal Development workflow with Git and Drush.
  • Provide Drupal Training for your staff or team to better manage your Drupal website internally.
  • Maintain Linux VPS or Dedicated server installations for Drupal websites running Apache or Nginx web servers.
  • Periodic Drupal Security Audits
  • Periodic Website Analytics and Optimization Audits

Contact us if you are interested in setting up an appointment to talk more about setting up a Drupal maintenance plan and schedule for your Drupal website.