It occurred to me recently that we currently do all of our web development projects with Drupal at this point, and not everyone who wants a website developed knows what Drupal is, or what it can for their website. More and more people are asking for Drupal specifically for new website development projects, which is good, but there are definitely more people out there that don't know about Drupal yet, or what Drupal can offer their website. Because of this general disconnect with my potential clients, I am going to break down the types of websites and features that Drupal can offer your upcoming website development project.

Hopefully it becomes very evident that Drupal can satisfy just about anyone's needs for a content management system for their website. If not, maybe you should look into extending Drupal yourself. It's open source, so it's up to you to create the features you want to see but don't, or get connected with people who can. Keep in mind that Drupal is open source software licensed under the GPL v2. Basically this means it is free to use, modify, and distribute as long as the source is included.

Here are some of the great things the Drupal CMS can do either out of the box, or extended with Drupal modules. Don't forget to check out all of the great Drupal themes available as well, which allow you to change the way your Drupal website looks.

Web Development Services Available

  • Minisite Design and Landing Page Design
  • Web Form Building, Building Webforms
  • E-commerce Websites, Online Stores, Affiliate Websites
  • Blogs, Corporate Blogs, Personal Blogs
  • Image Galleries, Video Galleries, Podcast Websites
  • Galleries that support 3rd party sites like YouTube, Flickr, etc..
  • Publication Websites, Article Websites, Magazine Websites, Newspaper Websites
  • Academic Websites, Educational Websites, Scientific Websites
  • Newsletters, Forums, Message Boards, Information Websites
  • Company Websites, Corporate Websites, Small Business Websites
  • Doctor Websites, Healthcare Websites, Dentist Websites, Chiropractor Websites, Massage Therapy Websites
  • Green Websites, Green Blogs, Nature Websites, Nature Blogs
  • Club Websites, Association Websites, Charter Websites, Community Websites, Volunteer Websites, Charity Websites
  • Federal Government Websites, State Government Websites, Local Government Websites, Non-Profit Organization Websites