Posted 2012-09-22 16:24 by jason

Yeah, you heard me, Windows! Some of you might be thinking,  “What the heck is this guy talking about?”, but hear me out. One of the best ways to get more people using Drupal is to show them that it works on Windows, and can be developed on Windows easily. Windows is used by many more people than Mac or Linux. Some of you may be thinking, “oh man, I have to setup Microsoft Internet Information Server (IIS) or Apache for a Drupal Windows installation”, but I have a better solution for you.

Posted 2012-08-07 20:29 by jason

Arbor Web Development is pleased to annouce the Barron 2.0 release for Drupal 6. We have made a ton of bug fixes, and added some new features to the theme in preparation for a Barron Drupal 7 release sometime in the near future.

Posted 2012-08-01 21:02 by jason

A while back, we started hearing a lot of buzz about responsive Drupal themes and responsive grid layouts. At first we dove right in and found that there are a ton of different approaches to the concept, but none were as simple as we found with the Fluid Baseline Grid framework. We decided to release a Drupal 6 theme for Fluid Baseline Grid, which then led to a Drupal 7 release due to popular demand.

Posted 2012-07-30 00:28 by jason

Our most popular Drupal theme, Alpine, has been hovering around the 1000 sites installed mark for a few months, but it hasn't quite broken the 1000 site threshold yet. It seems as though the 1.x branch as it was has reached it's peak. One of the additional features that we were looking to add to Alpine in the future were additional block regions.

Posted 2012-01-20 02:50 by jason

I have been following some of the same Drupal distributions for quite a while now, but I have been seeing quite a few new Drupal distributions popping up recently. Dries himself said at Drupalcon Chicago that distributions were the future of Drupal, and the community seems to have listened. At the time there were probably about 15 or so well known Drupal distributions or installation profiles, and that number has probably doubled at this point.

Posted 2011-10-28 01:50 by jason

In case you haven’t noticed, I launched a brand new design for my Drupal development website recently. I felt that I wasn’t really showcasing my Drupal talents with the previous ported design that well, as it was done by someone else and was not unique. This time around, I teamed up with graphic designer Edwin Koudijzer.

Posted 2011-07-07 02:29 by jason

Occasionally, even experienced Drupal administrators will make a mistake and need to revert their latest database changes. Nobody is that good at Drupal and in some cases, it’s not anyone’s fault really, but things go wrong. It is always best to backup your Drupal website database before and after making any changes to your Drupal site like Drupal core updates or Drupal module updates. It is also wise to make weekly or daily database backups if your site receives or adds content often.

Posted 2011-06-13 10:00 by jason

There were a ton of great SEO modules for Drupal 6, which made it a go to content management system for those looking to easily optimize their websites for search engines like Google and Bing. Some modules have made the switch from Drupal 6 to Drupal 7 fairly quickly and easily, while others are still on a slow path to getting a Drupal 7 release. In the following article, we take a look at where some of the top Drupal SEO modules are in their development cycle right now for Drupal 7 and find some new modules to help make sure your Drupal 7 website is fully optimized for search engines.

Posted 2011-03-19 17:39 by jason

Built on the powerful Drupal Content Management System, Open Public is a Drupal distribution that offers features in a CMS that Government websites look for, and in some cases need in order to go live. Website Accessibility and 508 Compliance are required by all government websites and must meet strict ADA guidelines. Until Open Public was released there was a bit of work to do to conform your Drupal website to those standards. Open Public offers an Out of the box CMS built for Government and Public Policy groups that has all forms and content styles that meet ADA Guidelines. Open Public was created by Phase 2 Technology, which has had it's hands in government, public sector, publishing, and non-profit web development for over 10 years. They have used this experience to create an amazing open source product built on top of Drupal.