Arbor Web Development is pleased to annouce the Barron 2.0 release for Drupal 6. We have made a ton of bug fixes, and added some new features to the theme in preparation for a Barron Drupal 7 release sometime in the near future.

The Barron theme was released by jwolf on Jan. 14th 2007. He recently gave the project to me, sk33lz, to maintain, and as I promised him, I have squashed all the existing bugs in the 6.x-1.0 release. I have even gone a step further and added some new block regions for the 2.x branch, which currently include a Tryptych block region below the Content Bottom block region. The new Tryptych block region is actually 3 new block regions next to each other broken down into thirds. That seems to be the type of block regions that site owners are looking for these days, so plan to see additional Tryptych block regions added to Barron to give more flexibilty to site owners.

The 2.0 release has already come and gone actually. I jumped the gun again in my excitement to release the theme, and forgot that the Barroness sub-theme had to be updated with the new 2.0 changes as well. After those were added to Barroness, a Barron 2.1 version was released, but shortly after that I noticed a problem with some additional CSS I had added in the 2.0 release that had to be fixed before I wrote this post. So, currently the offical release is Barron 6.x-2.2.

There are some additional feature requests from the Barron issue queue that I will be adding later on to the 2.x branch including RTL support, and better support for screen readers and other accessibility tools. Those will probably be added in the 6.x-2.3 release.

Download Baron 2.x Today!