Start Developing Drupal Websites Like a Drupal Ninja on Windows!

Yeah, you heard me, Windows! Some of you might be thinking,  “What the heck is this guy talking about?”, but hear me out. One of the best ways to get more people using Drupal is to show them that it works on Windows, and can be developed on Windows easily. Windows is used by many more people than Mac or Linux. Some of you may be thinking, “oh man, I have to setup Microsoft Internet Information Server (IIS) or Apache for a Drupal Windows installation”, but I have a better solution for you.

Save Your Drupal Website: Use Version Control, Backup your Files and Database Regularly

Occasionally, even experienced Drupal administrators will make a mistake and need to revert their latest database changes. Nobody is that good at Drupal and in some cases, it’s not anyone’s fault really, but things go wrong. It is always best to backup your Drupal website database before and after making any changes to your Drupal site like Drupal core updates or Drupal module updates. It is also wise to make weekly or daily database backups if your site receives or adds content often.