We have been working in conjunction with Intelligent Design LLC to maintain and support the New Jersey SEEDS website. Their website is a Drupal 6 installation that is used to facilitate easy registration for the available SEEDS student programs. NJ SEEDS helps underpriveledged, but academically gifted youth secure college scolarships and ultimately high quality secondary education.

NJ SEEDS just celebrated their 20th Anniversary this past April, and rebranded their whole organization's identity ahead of the milestone achievement. It was our job to take this new brand identity and transform their existing website to match this new brand identity. In conjunction with Intelligent Design, we were tasked to create a new theme design from scratch before the 20th Anniversary celebration. With the help of my Graphic Designer, Edwin Koudijzer, we were able to create a new Drupal 6 theme that incorporated all of the original customizations that their site had, along with the specific design requirements the NJ SEEDS staff outlined. The NJ SEEDS staff was very happy with the end result, which was able to be launched in the early morning prior to the celebration.

It was every exciting to work on this project, as it was the first opportunity that Arbor Web Development was able to show off Edwin's custom Drupal theme design talent aside from our own website. I look forward to working closely with Edwin on many other Drupal 6 theming and Drupal 7 theming projects in the future.


Jason served as a trusted ally during the entire process, working closely with a designer to create a new and vibrant site for visitors that closely aligned with our new logo and advising the SEEDS team with recommendations. - Theresa Murray, NJ SEEDS Development Officer, Communications and Annual Fund