Ontario Blind Sports Association

This project is unique as it is the only Concrete5 project that we have worked on so far. We were handed off this project through working with Rapid Waters Development, although we did all of the development work on this project aside from setting up the actual development server. The Ontario Blind Sports Association (OBSA) plans, promotes, co-ordinates and sanctions events and activities designed to stimulate and assist the further development of sports programs for blind/visually impaired athletes in Ontario. OBSA was incorporated in 1984.

Because they are an organization with primarily blind members, website accessibility was the most important part of this project. The second most important part was ease of use, as the site was going to be maintained by in-house personell. That was why the Concrete5 CMS was chosen to begin with, as it has almost a point and shoot interface for adding and changing content. We worked with the client to figure out what their needs were for the site, and figure out what addtional components were needed from the Concrete5 website to fullfil those needs. In the end, the client had a very accessible website that was easy to use from a content editor's perspective.

I used several addons for Concrete5 to get all the functionality workign for them, which included an image gallery and an image slideshow. I also implemented a custom theme that the client purchased which is currently in use on the site. It is quite different than the original theme, and was imported to Concrete5 as a custom theme.

Overall, the Concrete5 CMS is not something we would recommend to many of our clients, but when the situation calls for it, we can build a website in Concrete5 with the features our client's need.