Shoe and Bag Swaps

Shoe and Bag Swaps was another Drupal theming project that we helped out Rootid on. The site they built was in Drupal 6, so our job was to build out a Drupal 6 theme to their specs in the PSD they provided, along with the infrastructure that their developers built. It is much easier to start theming a project after all the development is done in most cases, and this project helped prove that fact. Once we were given the PSD, we were able to skin the existing development of the site in a few days, and had the client's design ready on time.

We also helped out a little bit on the flagship site for this network,, but didn't feel that it was necessary to put a full entry in our portfolio. In any case, we enjoyed working with Rootid on this project, and would help them out on any project that they needed assistance with in the future.

If you or your organization need addtional assistance on Drupal theming or Drupal development on your next project, let us know and we can setup an appointment to talk about how we can help get the job done faster, and within your budget.