Clinical Geriatrics

Clinical Geriatrics is another online medical journal publication by HMP Communications based on a clinical journal they publish in print by the same name . Clinical Geriatrics is a peer reviewed clinical journal of the American Geriatrics Society. The website is a continuation of the information available in the journal along with case studies, articles, and blog posts by doctors in the field. The network of HMP Communications sites that we upgraded were very similar, although they were not in a multisite setup. We recommended possibly switching to this sort of installation format to make updating the large network of sites easier, but the client did not want this. In the end we upgraded each site individually to live independently in Drupal 6.

Our job on the Clinical Geriatrics site was simlar to that of the Cath Lab Digest site upgrade, where sevaral new views and some new content types had to be created to fulfill the PSD mockups that were provided. The overall goal of this site project was to upgrade the Drupal 5 core to Drupal 6 along with all of the contributed modules. We took the PSD provided and created a Drupal 6 theme based on that design.

This site was a Drupal development project, as well as a Drupal theming project. This Drupal site migration and Drupal theming was part of a larger project that consisted of migrating 12 sites from Drupal 5 to Drupal 6. Six of those sites were done by Arbor Web Development, while the other six were handled by their internal development staff. Arbor Web Development provided Drupal project management services on the whole project including Drupal technical support, Drupal consulting, and Drupal training to their in-house staff in regards to the server infrastructure used, advanced Drupal migration techniques, and Git version control.