Today's Wound Clinic

Today's Wound Clinic is an online and print publication owned and operated by HMP Communications. On their website they state, "Today’s Wound Clinic provides practical, timely insight into clinical and operational issues inherent to the success of an outpatient wound care center." HMP Communications focuses on Healthcare Publications, Communications, and Education on their websites and their print publications. They are an industry leader in Healthcare Communcations and Healthcare Education.

Podiatry Today

Podiatry Today is another online and print publication owned and operated by HMP Communications. This particular publication focuses on Podiatric news, case studies, and editorial commentary by Podiatry professionals. It is also linked up closely with HMP's website Podiatry Live, which we did not do any work on, but is also another Drupal website.

First Report Now

First Report Manged Care,, is another online and print publication owned and operated by HMP Communications. According to their website, "The editorial mission is focused on delivering the most comprehensive late-breaking information that affects managed market providers with topics that include clinical, legislative, and economic developments." The site mainly deals with manage care and the markets surrounding managed care. Our job was to upgrade the site from Drupal 5 to Drupal 6 as Drupal 7 was soon to be coming out of beta at the time.

EP Lab Digest

EP Lab Digest is an online publication website for the EP Lab Digest medical journal. Both publications are owned and operated by HMP Communications, an industry leader in Healthcare Communications and Healthcare Education. The EP Lab Digest site was one of the 6 sites that we helped HMP Communications upgrade from Drupal 5 to Drupal 6 after Drupal 7 was released. We took the PSD design and created a Drupal 6 theme from it.

Clinical Geriatrics

Clinical Geriatrics is another online medical journal publication by HMP Communications based on a clinical journal they publish in print by the same name . Clinical Geriatrics is a peer reviewed clinical journal of the American Geriatrics Society. The website is a continuation of the information available in the journal along with case studies, articles, and blog posts by doctors in the field. The network of HMP Communications sites that we upgraded were very similar, although they were not in a multisite setup.

Endless Possibilities Photography

Endless Possibilties Photography is a small wedding photography company run by Paula J. Miller and Christine Hood. They are based out of West Chester, Pennsylvania and offer wedding photography services in the surrounding areas.

Cath Lab Digest

Cath Lab Digest is an online publication website for the Cath Lab Digest medical journal. The main goal of this project was to upgrade the client's existing Drupal 5 website to Drupal 6. It ended up that the client also wanted to implement a brand new theme for Drupal 6 and change the format up on some of the content. This required several new views to be created after the Drupal 5 to Drupal 6 migration was completed, as well as Panels integration. The client had many contributed modules installed which also had to be upgraded during the migration process to Drupal 6.

Prince's Delights

Prince's Sensory Delights is a specialized clothing store that I originally worked on a few years ago by updating their site to a new design. The original store used Zencart as it's shopping cart software, but my client was very confused by the Zencart administration interface. I told my client that I could build her a much easier to manage storefront using Drupal, which would also give her the flexibility to add other content as she saw fit. She took me up on my offer and now the site runs smoothly on Drupal 6 using Ubercart.

The Pedestrian is a Drupal website that I helped build with Rapid Waters Development which uses the Prosepoint Drupal distribution to helped generate an online publication feel for the client with multiple essays being assigned to a single issue. Prosepoint can be used to create online newspapers and online magazines with Drupal fairly easily as the distribution was made specifically for this. We adapted what functionality was available within the existing Prosepoint distribution to what the customer wanted with a custom module.

The Philadelphia Canoe Club has been around since 1905, and their last website looked like it was from 1985. I was asked to help continue development on their new Drupal website by one of their board members, who had started building the site himself. I have to admit, he did a great job for his first Drupal site, but it needed some extra configuration he wasn't sure about. While I came onto the project thinking I was just going to be doing some consulting, it did end up to be that I did some custom module development in the end to make things right for the customer.