Prince's Delights

Prince's Sensory Delights is a specialized clothing store that I originally worked on a few years ago by updating their site to a new design. The original store used Zencart as it's shopping cart software, but my client was very confused by the Zencart administration interface. I told my client that I could build her a much easier to manage storefront using Drupal, which would also give her the flexibility to add other content as she saw fit. She took me up on my offer and now the site runs smoothly on Drupal 6 using Ubercart.

I added some extra features that Ubercart doesn't provide out of the box. Those included:

  • Product Reviews
  • Customer Testimonials
  • Discounts, Coupons, and Sale Pricing

I also built a custom theme for their store using the Acqua Maria theme. I chose the Acquia Marina theme as it was built specifically for Ubercart websites and has a great product page layout. My client wasn't looking to pay a lot for a theme, so I chose a color scheme from Kuler and just edited some CSS. In the end there were some extra changes that were made to the theme to get it just the way they wanted. Some images were made to be much larger than their defaults, which gave the look they wanted.

Overall my client is much happier with her new Drupal store, as she can manage her own store without much interaction from me or having any need for a webmaster of any sort.