Saundra Pelletier

Saundra Pelletier is a Leader, Activist, and Author. Saundra shares the knowledge she gleaned from her extraordinary success in the corporate world to help thousands of people get the personal and professional results they desire regardless of current circumstances. She currently focuses on speaking engagements and motivational writing, while promoting women’s reproductive healthcare products as well.

HBI Boats

HBI Boats re-launched their company image and launched 2 new boat models with a fresh, new, Responsive Drupal 7 theme from Arbor Web Development. Our Designer, Edwin Koudijzer, came up with several layouts to ensure that HBI's new website will be available on any device, ensuring they don't miss out on any potential sales leads for their new boat models, the HBI 30 S and the HBI 30 LX. Learn more about the project after the jump.

Help on the Way!

Help on the Way! was started just recently by a good friend of mine, Terry Neff, to provide hurricane aid for those affected by Hurricane Sandy on the East Coast, especially in New York and New Jersey. Currently they are working on the ground in affected areas delivering supplies and equipment, along with helping clean up and rebuild. Our donation to the cause was the Help on the Way! website, which was built in record time to allow an easy way to accept monetary donations.

Yeah Baby Rentals

Yeah Baby Rentals is a website that we designed from the ground up for a client launching a new jet ski rental business on Lake Travis, Texas. This project included theme design work by Edwin Koudijzer, our Graphic Design partner. Ed also came up with the Yeah Baby Rental logo design, which was based off of the client's recommendations.

Endless Possibilities Photography

Endless Possibilties Photography is a small wedding photography company run by Paula J. Miller and Christine Hood. They are based out of West Chester, Pennsylvania and offer wedding photography services in the surrounding areas.

The NewsHouse

The NewsHouse is a Syracuse University website ran by students. It is a major source of information on the happening and news around the Syracuse University campus. Arbor Web Development was contracted by McCormick & Winter, a Drupal and web development shop located in Truckee, California, to add some Google Maps functionality to the existing News House website.

Market Anomaly

The Market Anomaly project was my first Drupal 7 development project. The client wanted to see the advancements that Drupal 7 had made in terms of the user experience, as he had several Drupal 6 sites that he just felt here not very user friendly. I decided to choose Drupal 7 for this project as it was almost ready for release around the time I started on this project, and not many contributed modules were going to be needed for just the blog part of the website.

Prince's Delights

Prince's Sensory Delights is a specialized clothing store that I originally worked on a few years ago by updating their site to a new design. The original store used Zencart as it's shopping cart software, but my client was very confused by the Zencart administration interface. I told my client that I could build her a much easier to manage storefront using Drupal, which would also give her the flexibility to add other content as she saw fit. She took me up on my offer and now the site runs smoothly on Drupal 6 using Ubercart.

Usummer is a pre-college summer program portal that I migrated from a Weebly website to a Drupal website. It lists pre-college summer programs available from colleges and universities around the US, along with their program details, and some photos about the program within a lightbox gallery. It allows certain programs to be featured that the client has made special arrangements with. It also takes form submissions for newsletter signups and questionnaires about college programs for use in building new website features.

The Pedestrian is a Drupal website that I helped build with Rapid Waters Development which uses the Prosepoint Drupal distribution to helped generate an online publication feel for the client with multiple essays being assigned to a single issue. Prosepoint can be used to create online newspapers and online magazines with Drupal fairly easily as the distribution was made specifically for this. We adapted what functionality was available within the existing Prosepoint distribution to what the customer wanted with a custom module.