Help on the Way!

Help on the Way! was started just recently by a good friend of mine, Terry Neff, to provide hurricane aid for those affected by Hurricane Sandy on the East Coast, especially in New York and New Jersey. Currently they are working on the ground in affected areas delivering supplies and equipment, along with helping clean up and rebuild. Our donation to the cause was the Help on the Way! website, which was built in record time to allow an easy way to accept monetary donations.

We set the set up using Drupal 7 with Ubercart and the Ubercart Variable Price module to allow for donations of any amount. Then the site hooks into the Paypal API through the Paypal Website Payments Standard service they provide, which allows for secure payment through a redirection to Paypal's website.

We also built the theme for this site using a variation of our Fluid Baseline Grid Drupal theme. We are calling this particular variation Baseline Help. It is an HTML5 fully Responsive Drupal 7 theme, which uses the SelectNav javascript library to create select list box for the main menu items once a certain screen width is reached. This is a handy feature we have been toying with for tablets and smartphones.

Help on the Way! is in fact so new, that they have not fully secured a tax id yet as a full-fledged non-profit organization, but the paperwork has been filed and should be soon hopefully. We will update this post after that has happened.

The Help on The Way! Facebook group has well over 700 members at this point and growing, and the Help on the Way! Facebook page has over 280 likes in just a few days.