US National Committee for UN Women

The US National Committee (USNC) for UN Women is an independent non-profit, 501c3 organization that supports the mission of UN Women and social, political, and economic equality for women and girls around the world.

Their members and supporters are men, women, and children in cities around the country who give their time and resources to support a world where women of all ages have access to education and employment opportunities, and sustainable livelihoods that enable them to live free of gender-based violence.

Saundra Pelletier

Saundra Pelletier is a Leader, Activist, and Author. Saundra shares the knowledge she gleaned from her extraordinary success in the corporate world to help thousands of people get the personal and professional results they desire regardless of current circumstances. She currently focuses on speaking engagements and motivational writing, while promoting women’s reproductive healthcare products as well.

Help on the Way!

Help on the Way! was started just recently by a good friend of mine, Terry Neff, to provide hurricane aid for those affected by Hurricane Sandy on the East Coast, especially in New York and New Jersey. Currently they are working on the ground in affected areas delivering supplies and equipment, along with helping clean up and rebuild. Our donation to the cause was the Help on the Way! website, which was built in record time to allow an easy way to accept monetary donations.

Yeah Baby Rentals

Yeah Baby Rentals is a website that we designed from the ground up for a client launching a new jet ski rental business on Lake Travis, Texas. This project included theme design work by Edwin Koudijzer, our Graphic Design partner. Ed also came up with the Yeah Baby Rental logo design, which was based off of the client's recommendations.

Speak Up, Speak Out

Speak Up, Speak Out is a yearlong campaign of the Robert F. Kennedy Center for Justice & Human Rights to get 50,000 individuals of all ages to commit themselves to taking action to protect the human rights of people everywhere by starting in their own communities. We worked with Korlon on this project, in which they did the Drupal development of the site, and we did the Drupal theming on the site. The site was built on Drupal 7, so we took the PSD provided, and created a custom Drupal 7 theme for the site.


Birabiro is an online handmade jewlelry store that we built this year for a returning client of ours, Adam Saunders. Our first project with Adam was his business and marketing analytics blog called Market Anomaly. Adam was a great client, so we helped him put together a jewelry store for his wife this time around. is a site that we developed for a client that was looking to provide a website to connect IT companies with new graduating IT professionals. Because of the features our client wanted, we decided that it would be best to use the eRecruiter Drupal distribution, as it set a good baseline installation. This helped us save on the overall cost of development and allowed us to get right to work customizing the site for our client's needs.

Market Anomaly

The Market Anomaly project was my first Drupal 7 development project. The client wanted to see the advancements that Drupal 7 had made in terms of the user experience, as he had several Drupal 6 sites that he just felt here not very user friendly. I decided to choose Drupal 7 for this project as it was almost ready for release around the time I started on this project, and not many contributed modules were going to be needed for just the blog part of the website.