Speak Up, Speak Out

Speak Up, Speak Out is a yearlong campaign of the Robert F. Kennedy Center for Justice & Human Rights to get 50,000 individuals of all ages to commit themselves to taking action to protect the human rights of people everywhere by starting in their own communities. We worked with Korlon on this project, in which they did the Drupal development of the site, and we did the Drupal theming on the site. The site was built on Drupal 7, so we took the PSD provided, and created a custom Drupal 7 theme for the site.

Along with providing the Drupal 7 theming services on the project, we are also providing affordable Drupal hosting for the site as well. We continue to help Korlon maintain the Drupal 7 installation, and custom theme. We also continue to work with Korlon on other Drupal related projects, where in most cases they are managing CiviCRM.