is a site that we developed for a client that was looking to provide a website to connect IT companies with new graduating IT professionals. Because of the features our client wanted, we decided that it would be best to use the eRecruiter Drupal distribution, as it set a good baseline installation. This helped us save on the overall cost of development and allowed us to get right to work customizing the site for our client's needs.

The site features are mainly driven by Apache Solr, which is the driving force behind the search capabilties on the eRecruiter distribution. It will be quite a fairly robust searching index that the facets and search data will be pulling from once the site starts to grow and connect companies and new IT graduates. The site also features both a job search and a resume search, but the resume search feature will only be available to trusted companies that are partners with 

Our role on this project was to architect it and build the site from start to finish. The previous developer who was supposed to do the project backed out, and our client was in a pinch to both get the site online in a short period of time, and within the original budget plans for the project. We were able to deliver on both counts, and the client was very happy with the completed site.

We worked in conjunction with VO2 Marketing on this project, who provided the graphic design, and project management for this project.