US National Committee for UN Women

The US National Committee (USNC) for UN Women is an independent non-profit, 501c3 organization that supports the mission of UN Women and social, political, and economic equality for women and girls around the world.

Their members and supporters are men, women, and children in cities around the country who give their time and resources to support a world where women of all ages have access to education and employment opportunities, and sustainable livelihoods that enable them to live free of gender-based violence.

Arbor Web Development was tasked with helping to relaunch the USNC for Unwomen website in conjunction with Korlon, Inc, who specializes in CiviCRM Drupal integration. The USNC for UNWomen website relies heavily on CiviCRM on the backend to power it's membership dues system, donations system, and events system.

Our job was to help bring some new functionality to the site with CiviCRM & Views integration. A custom Chapters Map view, which places markers on a map using just CSS, is one of the highlights of this project. It is powered only by a single content type, a Drupal view, and some CSS to create a  simple, yet elegant map of the USNC for UNWomen Chapters across the United States of America.

Other required features on this project included:

  • Video Galleries powered by Views and Media modules.
  • Photo Galleries powered by Views and Views Gallery Formatter modules.
  • Jcarousel Events View, powered by Views and Jcarousel modules.
  • RSS Syndication powered by Feeds module.

The Repsonsive Drupal Theme that we created for the site was not required, but were able to fit one in within the client's budget. Overall the client was very happy with the new design and with some training they were able to start using the new site on their own at this point for the most part.