Market Anomaly

The Market Anomaly project was my first Drupal 7 development project. The client wanted to see the advancements that Drupal 7 had made in terms of the user experience, as he had several Drupal 6 sites that he just felt here not very user friendly. I decided to choose Drupal 7 for this project as it was almost ready for release around the time I started on this project, and not many contributed modules were going to be needed for just the blog part of the website. There was one feature, a social widget, that was not implemented yet, mainly because the module we needed to add that functionality was not ready for Drupal 7. At a later date, we will probably revisit that feature once the module is ready.

Most of the work done on this project was Drupal theming work. the client presented me with a PSD design that he had a designer mock up and wanted to see as a Drupal 7 theme. So, I created it as close as I could. The design was challenging as it required some design elements within the body to extend into the outer margins. I achieved this by using some negative margins with some extra padding. Overall I think it turned out very close to the PSD, and the client was happy with the results.

The Market Anomaly website is run by Adam Saunders, a web marketing strategist focusing on marketing strategy and analytics. Adam's blog can be found at