Endless Possibilities Photography

Endless Possibilties Photography is a small wedding photography company run by Paula J. Miller and Christine Hood. They are based out of West Chester, Pennsylvania and offer wedding photography services in the surrounding areas.

I built their site on Drupal 6 and originally used a contributed theme called Cherry Blossom, which was used to fit the client's budget. Some small adjustments were made to the contributed theme to lower the overall cost of the project. The goal of the site was to provide a way for Endless Possibilties' clients to choose what prints they liked on the website. In order to do this at the time, there were not many great modules available to add hundreds of photos to the site. I ended up using Node Gallery to achieve the best solution I could for the client, within their limited budget.

The solution I came up with was the the best available at the time without custom module development, which would have exceeded my client's budget. It didn't really provide the funcationality that they were looking for in the site exactly, but they have used it to the best they can and have integreated a 3rd party application to host their images since. I have reached out to them to inform them that there are better solutions available now for Drupal 6 such as the Image FUpload module. The module allows for the selection of multiple files within the upload interface, and works through the use of Flash to handle each upload instance. I hope to be able to upgrade their site to use the Image FUpload module with a Views powered gallery in the near future.

A few months after the project was over, I reached out to Paula and asked if she would like a new theme that I converted from a Wordpress theme called Wedding Bells. It is now a Wedding themed Drupal theme that I contributed to Drupal.org. That is the current theme on the site and I implemented it for them at no extra cost.