HBI Boats

HBI Boats re-launched their company image and launched 2 new boat models with a fresh, new, Responsive Drupal 7 theme from Arbor Web Development. Our Designer, Edwin Koudijzer, came up with several layouts to ensure that HBI's new website will be available on any device, ensuring they don't miss out on any potential sales leads for their new boat models, the HBI 30 S and the HBI 30 LX. Learn more about the project after the jump.

HBI Boats is an industry leader in the manufacturing and sales of Hard Bottom Inflatable boats. HBI Boats was founded in 1988 to exploit the unique features of mating a hard bottom hull with inflatable tube topsides. Their unique design and features have set HBI Boats apart from the pack in terms of quality and features in the Hard Bottom Inflatables marketplace.

Arbor Web Development was tasked to come up with a fresh new design to remind HBI's customers, competitors, the rest of the boating industry that they are still the best at what they do. Our main goal with the new site was to showcase the brand new HBI 30 LX and HBI 30 S models that HBI had just finished production in time for the upcoming boat shows they would be attending. That plan went off without a hitch, and HBI has already received much positive feedback on the new design.

The HBI Boats website was designed with Mobile devices in mind, while also allowing it to be viewed at higher resolutions such as your laptop, desktop computer, and even your TV. Once again, our design partner, Edwin Koudijzer, was able to come up with some stunning layouts for all the major breakpoints including desktop, tablet, and mobile devices, to make the new HBI Boats design a fully responsive website design. We achieved this by utilizing the Skeleton boilerplate framework, which we have used before, and created our Drupal theme inside the framework. In fact, we have created a Skeleton base theme at this point that we use to help cut down the initial development time and costs of Responsive Drupal themes for our clients.

We created our Skeleton Drupal theme prior to realizing that there is actually already a Drupal Skeleton theme available on Drupal.org, but ours is quite different in it's function and purpose. We might never release our Skeleton base theme to the public, but we may release a variation of it as a contrib theme sometime in the future.