EP Lab Digest

EP Lab Digest is an online publication website for the EP Lab Digest medical journal. Both publications are owned and operated by HMP Communications, an industry leader in Healthcare Communications and Healthcare Education. The EP Lab Digest site was one of the 6 sites that we helped HMP Communications upgrade from Drupal 5 to Drupal 6 after Drupal 7 was released. We took the PSD design and created a Drupal 6 theme from it. Many of the PSDs were similar, but each site had slight differences after some revisions were made, so in the end, each theme was a fairly unique Drupal 6 theme that we created. This project was where I started to get much more interested in Drupal theming, and contributing Drupal themes to Drupal.org, which I have been doing every since. I know have 7 contributed Drupal themes, and I maintain several others that were created originally by other Drupal themers.

This site was a Drupal development project, as well as a Drupal theming project. This Drupal site migration and Drupal theming was part of a larger project that consisted of migrating 12 sites from Drupal 5 to Drupal 6. Six of those sites were done by Arbor Web Development, while the other six were handled by their internal development staff. Arbor Web Development provided Drupal project management services on the whole project including technical support, consultation, and training to their in-house staff in regards to the server infrastructure used, advanced Drupal migration techniques, and Git version control.