The Philadelphia Canoe Club has been around since 1905, and their last website looked like it was from 1985. I was asked to help continue development on their new Drupal website by one of their board members, who had started building the site himself. I have to admit, he did a great job for his first Drupal site, but it needed some extra configuration he wasn't sure about. While I came onto the project thinking I was just going to be doing some consulting, it did end up to be that I did some custom module development in the end to make things right for the customer.

Other features on the site include photo galleries, forums (also known as message boards), member blogs, and the most important feature, events. The events that are created on the site are fairly complex and integrate Webform module, Calendar module, Events module, Location module, and Ubercart module together to sign up for club events. The idea was to create an online sign up system for their events which included a way to pay for the event if the attendee wanted to online.

This project was enlightening on several levels as I realized how many different ways Drupal could be configured by different developers, and how many ways certain Drupal modules worked against others in some situations. I don't think they could be considered bugs, but just flaws in the system. It looks like Drupal 7 will be taking care of many of these, so it is great to see that someone else has already seen these issues and has addressed some of them.

This project was a great project to learn and build with Drupal. I helped import a massive member database which was eventually used to create a custom module to generate a report based on member dues and other club specific accounting data which is used to generate their yearly bills.