Today's Wound Clinic

Today's Wound Clinic is an online and print publication owned and operated by HMP Communications. On their website they state, "Today’s Wound Clinic provides practical, timely insight into clinical and operational issues inherent to the success of an outpatient wound care center." HMP Communications focuses on Healthcare Publications, Communications, and Education on their websites and their print publications. They are an industry leader in Healthcare Communcations and Healthcare Education.

Our job on this site was to upgrade their aging Drupal 5 installation and modules to Drupal 6 as Drupal 7 was about to be released at the time. We also created  a custom theme for their new Drupal 6 installation based on a PSD that was provided. The screenshot you see is of the originally completed site, and not as it looks today. They have made some changes to the site internally that were not in the original mockups provided. Some changes were made by us after the fact, and some were made by their own staff later on.

This site was a Drupal development project, as well as a Drupal theming project. This Drupal site migration and Drupal theming was part of a larger project that consisted of migrating 12 sites from Drupal 5 to Drupal 6. Six of those sites were done by Arbor Web Development, while the other six were handled by their internal development staff. Arbor Web Development provided Drupal project management services on the whole project including technical support, consultation, and training to their in-house staff in regards to the server infrastructure used, advanced Drupal migration techniques, and Git version control.