Habitat for Humanity Philadelphia

The Habitat for Humantity Philadelphia project that we worked on was in partnership with Rootid, one of our Drupal development and Drupal theming clients. We were asked to convert a PSD layout that was created for the Habitat for Humanity Philadelphia website and turn it into a Drupal 7 theme based off of the Omega Drupal 7 theme.

Andrew Goldsworthy from Rootid was the lead developer and project manager on the project, while we developed the theme. We worked together with Andrew to get the project delivered on time, and utilized Bitbucket's team service to manage the tasks and issues at hand more efficiently.

The Habitat for Humanity Philadelphia website uses the Views module extensively throughout the site to create lists and display content dynamically in blocks, along with a Views Slideshow on 2 separate sections of the site, including the homepage. There are also tabbed content sections using the QuickTabs module, which needed to be themed as well.

The main menu uses the Superfish javascript library to create the dropdown effect, which is not usually how we achieve this on our site builds, but was a requirement of the client, so had to be themed out. Usually we create 100% CSS driven menu systems for our themes, but since this client wanted to use the Omega theme, we went with what was being used already. We did add some additional styling tweaks to the site with jQuery and CSS3 in the end though to give it some additional flavor as well. Overall the site turned out great, and was a fun project to work on giving a much better front facing website to a local Philadelphia non-profit organization.

Please consider donating or volunteering at a Habitat for Humanity organization in your local area.

For more information, please see the Habitat for Humanity International website, http://www.habitat.org